E-Cigarettes – GR

Tobacconists angry against shops e-cigarettes

With the rising price of tobacco and the growing market of electronic cigarette, a growing number of shops open in all the cities of France, to the chagrin of tobacconists who see their costs increase along with sales tobacco down.

Tobacconists war against cigarette electronique L’argument highlighted by tobacconists is that the electronic cigarette is part of tobacco products because of the nicotine content of a refill for electronic cigarette . A force to witness the opening of stores e-cigarettes, sometimes in front in the same street , tobacconists helplessly to a booming market beyond their almost completely.

Because even if we find the electronic cigarette in a tobacco shop, the product is a sales demonstration and guidance that requires time and investment on the part of the seller. This time , tobacconists have not due to customer need in general use as quickly as the products are not limited to tobacco but also extend to the press , gadgets, products of the French games, etc.

Products elsewhere on which they could further develop their sales to fill the shortfall of tobacco.

This puts pissed most tobacconists is the tax burden imposed on them , unlike the resale of e- cigarettes and e- liquid which is not subject , for the moment, no specific charges except course of VAT.

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